A Bit About Us!

Hi, Hello, How are you?! Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

I'm Alexis, mum to 3 energetic boys, a man-child and also proudly the new owner of Love These Covers! We're based in rural Auckland, so when I'm not wrangling children, making snacks, cleaning mud off things or breaking up wrestling matches you'll find me in my little office, working on all things Love These Covers! 

I have been involved with the business for nearly 10 years, working in the background alongside Kay - the lovely, amazing founder/previous owner. During our time working together, I have watched the brand grow into a household name and the product offering expand too. During this time my eldest started school and has taken his job as a 'product tester' very seriously. He also loves telling his friends that "Mummy owns Lovely Covers" - close enough bud, nice try!

I am super excited to continue growing the brand, and expanding our product range too. We're constantly looking for ways to make our range better and more exciting, so if there's something you or your kids would love to see, please get in touch.

Thanks for being here!
Alexis x