Custom Branded Covers FAQs

Q: Is it possible to produce a document cover with our company logo?

A: Yes. We can produce a document cover utilising client supplied artwork.

Q: What is the product composition?

A: The base material is matt polypropylene and there are no limitations to the visual of colour content that can be applied.

Q: What is the minimum quantity to produce a customised document cover?

A: The minimum quantity to customise a document cover is 1000 units (per design) comprising 1 x front and 1 x back finished artwork template.

Q: Our requirements are smaller than 1000 units, is there anyway you can produce a smaller order?

A: Our factory is based in China and the minimum is 1000 units, however we have many clients who have chosen an individual image from our stock designs to suit their requirements, and personalised them with their business card, and/or a vinyl sticker. Individual designs are packaged in outer packs of 50 units.

Q:What information and file format do you require to customise a document cover?

A:The factory is computer literate and receives artwork files in Ai or jpeg format. We would ask that two separate templates be prepared (one for the front, the other for the back) sized to 220 x 310mm, with the fonts created as outlines. We would also require a copy of your logo, font file and Pantone colours.

Q: Would I receive a sample for approval, prior to production?

A: Yes. A pre-production sample would be couriered to you for your approval, prior to bulk production taking place.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Our factory is based in China. Timing wise, the pre-production sampling process takes approximately 15 business days once the finished artwork files have been sent to the manufacturer. Bulk production takes a further 30 days, with the finished order then sea-freighted to New Zealand, unless the client requests the order (or a portion thereof) to be air-freighted at their additional expense. 

Q: Do you arrange customs clearance and the import documentation for the order?

A: Yes. This is all part of the service and included in our door to door pricing.

Q: How much does it cost to customise a document cover?

A: Our pricing is door to door, and inclusive of having our graphic artist adjust client supplied finished artwork files to fit the manufacturers templates, to receive a pre-production sample for your approval, to sea-freight the bulk order to New Zealand, plus all importation and final delivery charges. To request a pricing quotation simply complete our Quote Request form.